Mental Health.

Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross support people suffering from mental health difficulties who feel they would like advocacy support. These people may or may not be detained in hospital, and there are a range of issues which our advocates can support them with.

People suffering from mental health problems may find it difficult to express their views, to take in all the information they are overwhelmed with, or to consider their options. An independent advocate can help them to say what they want, without being influenced by other people.

One of the ways independent advocacy can support individuals with is at Mental Health Tribunals and case conferences, and can ask questions or request information on the person’s behalf.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health Advocacy

Independent advocacy is about supporting people with mental health problems to participate in the decision making processes that affect their life regarding their welfare, care and treatment.  We support people through many situations, including Mental Health Tribunals.

We can:

  • Attend meetings or Mental Health tribunals with you or for you
  • Provide you with information about the process.
  • Help you to prepare for your meeting or tribunal – what you want to say
  • Help you to access a solicitor
  • Attend meetings with you
  • Help you look at and consider your options
  • Help you access information about decisions you may need to make

We will:

  • Support you in expressing your views, and represent your views if necessary
  • Respect your individuality and your right to be socially included

We will not:

  • Judge what you say, think or feel
  • Tell you what you should do
  • Encourage you to make a particular decision

Useful Websites

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If you require the support of Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross please contact us on 01738 587887 or send us a message using our contact form.