Learning Disability.

Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross support people with a learning disability who may not have the understanding, the vocabulary or the communication to participate in decisions being made about their lives. We can help them to understand the information that is given to them and then support them to put forward the points that they wish to make. We help people to communicate in the way that is best for them including easy read information, pictorials or Makaton.

Non-instructed advocacy – For people who cannot give instruction because they have complex communication needs or long-term illness or disability, advocates take time to get to know that person and the significant others in their lives, so that their views can be safeguarded and represented. For more information, please visit our non-instructed advocacy page.

Learning Disability

Learning Disability

Learning Disability Leaflet

Download a copy of our Learning Disability Leaflet which is a useful guide explaining how we can help.

Useful Websites

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If you require the support of Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross please contact us on 01738 587887 or send us a message using our contact form.