Forensic Mental Health.

Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross provides independent advocacy to advocacy partners in both the Low and Medium Secure Wards at the Rohallion Secure Care Clinic at Murray Royal Hospital. The low secure wards can take up to 35 patients from throughout the Tayside region. The Medium Secure wards can accommodate 32 patients from throughout the North of Scotland.

People suffering from mental health problems may find it difficult to express their views, to take in all the information they are bombarded with, or to consider their options. An independent advocate can help them to say what they want, without being influenced by other people.

Independent advocacy can support individuals at Mental Health Tribunals and clinical meetings and can ask questions or request information on the person’s behalf.

We support individuals with a whole raft of issues. The main issues we deal with include supporting partners to put forward their views at Clinical Team Meetings, CPA meetings, preparing Advance Statements, and supporting partners to seek legal advice, prepare for and attend tribunals. We have also supported individuals to raise complaints, discuss future care options, recover property, access medical records, and deal with some children and family matters.

As well as supporting individuals with one to one advocacy we have also been involved in independently carrying out occasional Patients Surveys, focussing on getting patients’ views on various aspects of life at Rohallion.

Rohallion Users Group (RUG)

Rohallion Users Group is a patient-led group facilitated by Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross. This group includes Patient Representatives from each ward who sit on the RUG and help to put forward patients’ collective views. This group enables patients in the wards to raise ward-wide issues that the ward representatives can then take to the users group, and which can then be discussed with the service managers.

The purpose of the group is to provide a vehicle for communication between patients, staff and administration and to help identify those “quality of life” issues most important to patients. The group meets every two months and provides a venue for patients to put forward their views and for staff to listen to their service users.

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Forensic Mental Health

Forensic Mental Health

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